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How We Treat Each Other As Queer Leaders

Episode Summary

Th-Ink Queerly was founded with a mission statement that informs the ethics of the publication and to create alignment with those who wish to contribute to its evolution.

Episode Notes

One of the most important directives of the Th-Ink Queerly mission statement is that we  as queer thinkers and writers are purposefully critical of the status quo. At the same time, we can and should engage with and debate our peers, even when we disagree with them.

How we treat our own dictates how others will treat us.

But for us to work together successfully as a community of queer thought leaders we need to be mindful of how we support and treat each other, especially in a debate. This is one of the many ways a minority group of people can together work to affect positive change ; to root out issues of disagreement and to boldly move forward collectively.

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How We Treat Each Other As Queer Leaders: An invitation to disrupt the status quo and elevate hearts and minds.

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