Think Queerly Podcast

Think Queerly is a podcast about human-hearted leadership for queer-thinking people.

I’m Darren Stehle and if you’re like me and want to make a difference in the world, you’ll understand that change starts with the responsibility to know thyself first.

That’s how I came to my coaching philosophy: "When you freely love who you are, you can freely create the life you want."

I follow two principles that support my philosophy: Lead by example and with the utmost integrity, authenticity, courage, and transparency, and; Give people better ways to think and ways to think more critically.

This podcast is a place where I get to share my evolving insights as a coach and thought leader through an intersection of self-examination, queerness, neuroscience and my study and study of the Tao Te Ching.

My intention is to help you see the world differently, to think queerly, to lead from your uniqueness, and to create solutions for the betterment of humanity and the world.